[TRANS] Compilation of Quotes by Wu Yifan

[TRANS] Compilation of Quotes by Kris

This is our Kris, the one we have always loved.

Note: This was compiled in Chinese by EXO-M全球粉丝汇 @weibo. Translation by xingheii@tumblr

“Usually, spend your time with family and if you have spare time spend it with us.”

“I like you, every single one of you.”

“Because you are here, everything is just right.”

“Forgive me for being powerless, for only being able to do things with a limit, when you do so much for me.”

“If I can, please allow me with what I am able to do and with limited time to bring you happiness.”

“Don’t forget that I’m a dragon, I can fly, I will use the shortest time to fly the members to where you are.”

“I wish I can fly, to be able to fly to wherever our fans are.”

“You are all angels, you guys know that right?”

“Just being with mom is a blessing.”

“I’m only going back to see my mom.”

“Because I was afraid of getting homesick, I didn’t even have the courage to pick up the phone.”

“Goodnight, please be careful on the road while going home.”

“This bag, it’s okay, I can take it myself.”

“There’s a car, be careful.”

“Be careful, pay attention to where you’re going”

“The weather is pretty cold, and it’s also pretty late, go home directly ok.”

“If you’re outside give your family a call, if you’re planning to go outside then take a look at the weather report beforehand.”

“In my memory, everyday is a sunny day…..and it will be in the future as well.”

“2013, 我们不见不散” [T/N: it’s a saying referring to a date, which literally means : I will not leave until I see you]

“You need to be happy in the New Year, life might not be perfect, but it would be meaningless if it was perfect.”

“Fan Qin, Happy New Year, forever together.”

“We have received your never ending support and protection. In my heart your existence is the same as angels.”

“Can you please not hate me, I really do love you all.”

“You’re young, be adventurous, don’t give up, and then your dream will come true.”

“Thank You for being here.”

“Don’t forget to live for yourself and for the ones who love you.”

“Slowly, I have almost read through all the fanletters.”

“Having everyone’s love is already enough.”

“Don’t push him.”

“We can just all sit here!”

“I won’t let you be disappointed; I will show you my fighting spirit.”

“I miss you, I love you, and our fans are the best.”

“The fans sitting up high, can you see us? Let’s stand out a little more.”

“Move back a little, be careful be careful. We love you, so we don’t want you to get hurt.”

“After returning to China, you guys have given us a lot of surprises and we’re really grateful.”

“I don’t know four different languages, it’s three, and the other one is a form of dialect.”

“You will wait for us right? We will prepare and then return to everyone’s side.”

“Till we make our comeback you will wait right?”

“I see all of your replies.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll be back soon.”

“I hope that the sunbaes will acknowledge us, that we are a Chinese Group.”

“With our brothers.”

“No matter what, I still remember our first showcase, you guys were really great. That is the most precious moment of my life.”

“Everyone was together: trained together, ate together, when we cried we cried together, when we sweat we sweat together. So there’s a lot of things that are hard to forget.”

“We’ve already returned to Korea, the past few days in Indonesia were quite good, and going back to China was also a happy experience. We haven’t debuted for a long time, and till now we haven’t had much chance to interact with you and give signatures, but I believe that there will be chances in the future. Thank you for everyone’s trust, care and protection.”

“The training period was quite long, and especially for me (2007-2012). If I said that I never felt lost, it would be a lie. I often felt weak, and you can say that getting rid of the negative thoughts was the hardest because we never knew when or if we were going to debut.”

“Being able to do promotions with my brothers, to be able to stand on the stage, I feel especially happy, I don’t really know how to say cheesy stuff. But I am really thankful towards all our fans. You have supported us all along, and we will always work hard, to show you the best side of us. We can see everything you’ve done for us, thank you.”

“I really really miss you, really miss. Waiting is painful, but it can also be a blessing. Face each day with courage, loved ones, I will always be here. Good morning to everyone that I have always liked and that I will never let go.”


[2012.11.15] He shared 大白兔candies with his fans at the airport.

[2013.02.18] He bought starbucks for his fans/

[2013.03.14] It was white day and gave chocolates to his fans.


Saw this on someone’s blog and she said that this was compiled by xingheii@tumblr and I too, want to have a copy of this.

FROM: http://inkedangelwings.wordpress.com/category/within-your-heaven/


140528 cr MayGreen_Bb

A fan spotted Wu Yifan at Beijing FU WAI HOSPITAL today. He was at the cardiologist.

Fu Wai Hospital is the largest hospital specialized in treatment, prevention and research in cardiovascular diseases.

The doctor said why he still performing with his heart condition like that…

Take care dear..

Update:  “140528 Wu Yi Fan wasn’t alone at the hospital, he was with his mother (cr: Xizi希子) via.Becca



Anonymous asked:

It's not its the first time Kris has run like a little bitch. I mean tell me what member in any sm group has left because they didn't get roles in movies when they are only 2 years old. At least everyone else that sued had merit. He had the gall to run out on them when they weren't a year old yet no one had solo stuff but no special snowflake Kris had to have one. He's always been a selfish asshole exo should partying up that they don't have deal with his flaky ass anymore


I’ve had like 20 of these in my dash so I deleted the rest and I’m just going to say it on here: 

FUCK OFF. Do I go around on other member stan’s blog telling them to stop stanning X, Y, Z members because of blah blah blah. NO YOU KNOW WHY. Because quite frankly, I don’t give a shit. I don’t fucking give shit to other people that are hating on Kris, you know why?? Because it IS THEIR OPINION AND THEY’RE ENTITLED TO IT. 

Jesus fucking CHRIST MAN CAN YOU GUYS LET US KRIS STANS BREATHE? The fuck are you trying to change our opinions? It isn’t going to change any time soon so if you disagree click the exit button and run back to YOUR SIDE OF THE FANDOM.

And if you’re trying to edcuate me or some shit let me just tell you that talking to me like that and calling my bias a “flaky ass” IS NOT HELPING YOUR CASE. 



This amazing man. He really does mean the world to me. It’s strange how I have never met him yet the feeling I have for him is literally out of this world. I guess he has that affect on me. 

Wufan. These two short yet beautiful years, you spend with us. you showed us your cold side, as we gradually got to know you better. We learned that you’re the most dorkiest boy. You’re beautiful personality. your own unique way of seeing the world. 

I really want to thank you for these 2 beautiful years. It’s the end of the road for Kris. But Wu Yifan’s new beginning. I wish you the best for your future. Wether you appear in front of our eyes or not. i really do wish the best for you. 

Just remember, you will forever be my strength. My Prince, i have so much to thank you for! No matter where you go next, I will support you whole heartily. Wufan! Jai you~

This is not our good bye right?

A Holistic Approach of Kris’ Case


This analysis is done by persons with medical, accounting, human resource development backgrounds. The elaborated aspects which going to be discussed also includes law and media analysis.

The first outbreak news from SINA (chinese portal news) stated “Kris filed a lawsuit against SM Entertainment and the lawsuit is similar to Hangeng’s case, who left Super Junior after nullifying his contract”. Let me emphasize the odd part of this statement:

  1. In order to file a lawsuit in Korea, the presence of Kris is truly required when submitting the lawsuit request. However, the news outbreak appeared when Kris is in Beijing, claiming Kris has submitted the request. And the Korean court confirmed that they have received it 2 hours later. This statement does not make any sense. If Kris was in Beijing, who submitted the lawsuit request? No lawyers and representatives were allowed to do that, according to Korean law. That’s totally a big question.
  2. “A similar case to Hangeng’s” has been quite ambiguous. What kind of lawsuit did Kris submit (if it is really him)? How similar is it to Hangeng’s case? Is it really about contract termination? Let us remind you, lawsuit does not always mean contract nullification. It can be anything else.

From those statement above, we need to rethink and don’t absorb the news completely. This statement has already drawn a misleading commotion, making people think Kris really filed a lawsuit regarding contract nullification.

Read More

My head aches so much after reading this but the writer have a point so yeah.. I re-blogged this. Just take everything with a grain of salt until Wu Yi Fan finally speaks up.


Handy dandy guide to surviving your idol breakup. Whether it’s members being added/subtracted or the group splitting in half.

  • It’s okay to be upset. You invested a lot of time and emotion into something you love and to have it suddenly change or fall apart really hurts. It’s okay to feel betrayed or even a little angry and it’s healthy to express that instead of bottling it all in. Ideally, share your feelings with someone who cares about you and will not belittle you for your emotions

  • Question everything. Keep yourself updated but take everything with a grain of salt. Wait until you have enough information to make an informed decision about who you choose to support. Some people will exploit the situation. Don’t jump to conclusions

  • Take a break. It’s okay to step away from your computer when it gets too much. Your ultimate priority is not your idols - it’s your own wellbeing. It’s okay to take a step back from fandom until things settle down. You are not more or less of a fan for choosing how you engage

  • Be productive and kind. Post messages of support instead of anger in the right places. Comfort other fans and spread some positivity around. The fandom needs it

  • Take them off the pedestal. Your idols are human, with their own goals, flaws, limits and rights. Respect their decisions. Don’t bash them or bash others on their behalf. Don’t spam their social media accounts. You don’t know their story. You don’t know what they’re thinking. Your rage does not help anyone

  • Things will get easier (sometimes). Change hurts. It may hurt for a long time. Nostalgia will always be a punch in the feels. But life will move on and it will become easier

  • Smile because it happened. Don’t let this destroy your love and appreciation for the group that once was. Don’t let this make you bitter. Don’t let this stop you from moving on



I don’t even want to write this. I tend to say a lot of things when I am hurt. Things I regret after the storm calm down. I don’t even know what to say because I am starting to hate you right now. But I have to because I have to take this all out. I love you. I really do and will support you the rest of the way. I will be beside you even if you don’t ask me to. I will believe you. I believe you. I know you are a person with a lot of faults but I know there is so much goodness in you. That’s what I am hanging onto right now. What you did really hurt me and I am still unable to accept the fact that you left. How can I justify your actions when you left without even saying anything to those who are close to you? But of course I have no choice but to accept this. I know you have your reasons. And I hope that wherever you are right now. Be it beside your family or anywhere else.. I hope you are happy. Baby… THIS TOO SHALL PASS. Hang in there because there are a lot of people who are supporting you.. I love you.

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